Esbe AB was forced to quickly reconstruct its painting facility, having suffered damage due to a fire in the fall of 2008. The company also wanted to become more environmentally friendly by replacing the solvent-based paint. After a number of different tests, it was decided to invest in equipment for water-based painting. Greiff Industrimiljö AB was chosen to supply the new facility.

The new facility had to be ready as soon as possible. “The Greiff company was able to provide the quickest delivery, and they had the best solution at a good price”, says Marcus Melin, an Esbe project manager.

Typ av anläggning Pulverlackering
Användingsområde Aluminiumprofiler
Ingående komponenter Sprutboxar, härdugnar
Projektstart 20 april, 2019
I drift 15 november 2019
Projektgrupp - Greiff Projektägare/ledare, montörer
Projektledare - kund Namn namnsson
Kapacitet Text text text